Fauna of the Future

The diversity of life on this planet is our most irreplaceable attribute. The evolutionary history of some species is hundreds of millions of years old and that evolutionary “knowledge” is extremely valuable to them and to us. Since most drugs are synthesized from natural compounds the destruction of nature limits our options. The wholesale extermination of wild species due to chemical toxicity, poaching, hunting for sport, trade in body parts, road kill, habitat loss and climate change threatens our future as humans because we depend on the same environment as they to exist. We seem to have declared war on nature by completely disregarding wildlife and their migratory patterns. Roads are now a part of most animal’s “natural” habitat necessitating an evolutionary adaptation which may not happen in time. Developing a respect for the natural world is key to developing a respect for ourselves and for one another. Until we can agree on the importance of preserving nature and protecting the environment we will be in conflict with ourselves, with each other and with reality. These conflicts do not bode well for the evolutionary success of our species.

Do animals have a sense of morality and the ability to empathize with unfair behavior?

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