Domesticated Landscapes

One of humankind’s greatest accomplishments is the domestication of certain flora and fauna. Had this not happened, our numbers could never have grown to the, 7.6 billion, people now occupying the planet. Agriculture is the single largest consumer of fresh water. If our numbers grow to the projected 9 billion by mid century, as arable land decreases and water sources become over-allocated, the form of human agricultural patterns will be forced to evolve, in response to this environmental change. An example would be the image MIRAGE, DROUGHT STRICKEN TEXAS PANHANDLE.   It refers to the illusion of an unlimited supply of ground water beneath these center pivot irrigation crop circles in the middle of an otherwise desiccated environment.

How Do We Feed The World Without Destroying It?

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Though Labeled ‘Wild,’ That Serving of Salmon May Be Farmed or ‘Faux’
New Type of Drug-Free Labels for Meat Has U.S.D.A. Blessing
New Type of Drug-Free Labels for Meat Has U.S.D.A. Blessing
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Common Herbicide Glyphosate a ‘Probable Human Carcinogen’
Fed’s Water Drying Up For Farmers in Valley
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U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit
By ‘Editing’ Plant Genes, Companies Avoid Regulation
Study Shows Dramatic Correlation Between GMOs And 22 Diseases
A Sprinkle Of Compost Helps Rangeland Lock Up Carbon
Economic Analysis of the 2014 Drought for
California Agriculture

Cascadian Farm ‘Bee Friendlier’ Effort Enlists Public to Help Protect Insects
One of Monsanto’s Leading Products Has Been Linked to Cancer — Again
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With More of Us Crowding a Warming Planet, We Need Agricultural Change
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Testing Future Conditions for the Food Chain
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China Fails To Curb Pollution Poisoning Rice Crop, People
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Pesticide Drifts Miles From Florida Fields

Americans Are 110 Times More Likely to Die from Contaminated Food Than Terrorism
Pesticides’ Effect On Generations Of Field-Workers
Surprising Reason Antibiotic-Laced Meat Could Be Making Us Fat and Sick
In Paso Robles, Vineyards’ Thirst Pits Growers Against Residents
Shipping Continued After Computer Inspection System Failed at Meat Plants
Torturing Animals with Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Feed
23 Gallons a Day from One Cow? Industrial Agriculture Engaged in Extreme Breeding
With Too Much Rain in the South, Too Little Produce on the Shelves
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Satellites Reveal Depth Of Water Depletion
California looks to milk China’s growing dairy demand
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Wells Dry, Fertile Plains Turn to Dust
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Important Findings from the Agricultural Health Study
Cutting-edge Fodder, Hydroponic Sprouts Hyped As Efficient Way To Feed Animals
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Heat Leaves Ranchers a Stark Option: Sell
Crop-Damaging Drought Will Raise Food Prices
Drift Happens
The “Monsanto Rider”: Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity From Federal Law?
Ag Giants Monsanto and Cargill Promote the Use of Soy for Feeding Factory-Farmed Fish
Shocking Health Effects of Commonly Used Pesticide: Brain Problems, Sexual Deformities and Paralysis
Genetically Modified Food Myths and Truths — A Critical Review of the Science
Meet the Corporate Front Groups Fighting to Make Sure You Can’t Know What’s in Your Food
FDA Says ‘No’ to Name Change for High Fructose Corn Syrup
Bee kills in the corn belt: What’s GE Got To Do With It?
Minnesota Communities Find Pesticides In Their Air
Big Agriculture’s Big Secrets: 9 Things You Need to Know About the Food You Eat
Prize-winning Mom Brings Monsanto Battle To White House
Genetically Modified Crops’ Results Raise Concern
Weed Killers Threaten Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly
The Superweeds Are Coming!
2 Studies Point to Common Pesticide as a Culprit in Declining Bee Colonies
Farming For The Future: A Sustainable Agriculture Agenda for the 2012 Food & Farm Bill
China Puts The Brakes On GE Rice
French Court Finds Monsanto Guilty
Revealed: How Syngenta Investigated the Press and Shaped the News About its Controversial Weed-Killer Atrazine
Syngenta’s Plan To Smear The Justice System
New Federal Map For What To Plant Reflects Climate Change,Suppressing Research: 8 Ways Monsanto Fails at Sustainable Agriculture
Honeybee Problem Nearing A ‘Critical Point’
California Pesticide Use Rises After Years Of Decline
Toxic Trespassers on Trial: The long wake of Bhopal
Guilty As Charged
UN Warns Quarter of World’s Landmass ‘Highly Degraded’
Melting Chocolate: Climate Change Threatens West Africa’s Cocoa Dominance
Dan Rather on Pesticides & Bees
DuPont’s Herbicide Goes Rogue
Swarm Troopers: Mutant Armies Waging War In The Wild
Pesticides Increase Diabetes Risk,“Mix & Match” — The Mysterious Math Behind CA’s Methyl Iodide Decision Comes To Light
Consumers And Farm Workers At Risk From Toxic Pesticides Sprayed On Salad
Texas Farmers And Ranchers Fear Record Loss
Pesticides Found Guilty Of ‘Chemical Trespass,’ Again
EPA Approves New Herbicide Suspected in Tree Deaths
No Eureka Moments in Long U.S. Campaign to Crack Cellulosic Code
Blowin’ in the Wind (aka Drift) New Study Analyzes Pesticide Poisoning Data from 11 States
Regulators Knew World’s Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Birth Defects
Factory Farms Produce 100 Times More Waste Than All People In the US Combined and It’s Killing Our Drinking Water
Three New Studies Link Pesticide Exposure and Reduced IQ’s
Soil Erosion Far Worse Than Reported In American Farmlands, According To New EWG Report
What Would the World Look Like If We Relied on Industrial Agriculture to Feed Everyone?
Farmers Sue USDA Over Monsanto Alfalfa – Again
Feedlot Meat Has Spurred a Soy Boom That Has a Devastating Environmental and Human Cost
Is Our Food System Toxic? Doctors And Scientists weigh In
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Haitians Reject Monsanto’s Trick Seed Offer
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